• Navigating employers through the complex landscape of worker’s compensation program management.

Unbiased Guidance

Is the high cost of your workers’ compensation program negatively affecting the profitability of your company?  Our impactful business management platforms  are designed to help. We educate and collaborate with employers to demystify the workers’ compensation system, establish specific post-injury protocol, develop a dynamic return to work program, identify and help mitigate exposures, refine and communicate a united sense of company culture, and establish performance measurement tools for analysis of your claims staff and legal representation.

Our approach is uniquely different

Ours is a candid employer-centric focus, very different from what you’ll hear from your adjusters, attorneys, and brokers. We help implement a proactive process for employers to get more involved and build a team approach.  Employer input – use it or lose it, your choice.

Ben Franklin’s axiom still holds true… “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

It starts with your culture

Following a work injury, each employee will go through an initial “fear of the great unknown” phase.  How your company proceeds  forward from the point of injury not only dictates the future direction of the claim but also the well-being and employment longevity of your worker. Our programs refine the core values of your workers’ compensation program and create a company-wide culture of coordinated unity.

Additional products

Although hired by your company, your adjusting and legal teams are not automatically aligned with your interests, and efficient stewards of your resources, until you make them so.

We collaborate with employers to establish specific expectations of your claims and legal vendors, then provide a tool from which to measure compliance and performance across all jurisdictions.  Yes, there are some fantastic defense attorneys and adjusters helping employers.  Others may earn scores in particular areas indicating room for needed improvement – How does your team objectively measure up?!