• Project 2021: Refine Post-injury Process and Culture, Measure Results

We partner with employers to proactively mitigate your company’s risk, manage vendors, and impact the future trajectory of every claim.

You never know if it’s the next claim that blows up.  Risks exist and not all accidents can be prevented, despite best efforts to keep your employees safe and protected.  Our proven approach helps employers protect their business while treating employees with dignity.

Utilizing 30 years of legal experience, and having represented many Fortune 500 companies, we have developed new approaches to platform innovation, including:

  1. Modern Injury and Accident Investigation report forms to provide your claims and legal teams with far better actionable information;

  2. Techniques to consistently identify when employees are not completely forthcoming about the full nature of their alleged injuries;

  3.  Methods for alleviating employee post-injury concerns so they do not automatically seek the intervention of a plaintiff attorney;

  4. Practices to communicate the core values of your workers’ compensation program to your employees; and

  5. Programs to set expectations of your hired vendors, then measure performance and communicate results across all jurisdictions.

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Unbiased Guidance

We offer deep industry experience and a candid employer-centric focus – a very different perspective than what you’ll hear from your claims adjusters and defense attorneys.

Vendor Governance

Although hired by your company, your claims adjusting and legal defense teams are not automatically aligned with your interests, and efficient stewards of your resources, until you make them so.

Outline specific expectations for your claims and legal vendors, then utilize our unique governance tools to measure compliance and communicate results.  

Your Company Culture

Following a work injury, each employee will go through an initial “fear of the great unknown” phase.  How your company proceeds  forward from the point of injury not only dictates the future direction of the claim, but also attorney involvement and the well-being of your worker. Establish consistent goals and roles to communicate the core values of your workers’ compensation program and create a company-wide culture of coordinated unity.