“ In 30 years of legal practice, and conducting well over 1,000 employee depositions, I was always astonished by how many claimants spent so much energy testing the level of my client’s perceived gullibility.
~ Jeffrey Carlson

Does this scenario sound familiar:

“Our claims adjuster says they would like to deny the work-relatedness of the claimed injury, and believes us that it’s likely not compensable, but they need to accept the claim as they simply don’t have enough information currently from which to formulate a supportable denial.”

Employers need new methods to better assist their claims adjusters early in the report of injury process, to better prevent small injury claims turning into expensive litigation, to create an employment culture of unity, and to end the disconnect between employers and their team of hired vendors.

Return on investment (ROI) must always be a major purchase consideration.  Purchasing our products will resolve your workers’ compensation department “pain points” because they achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance the collection of actionable information at the time of reported injury;

  • Create an accident investigation report “road-map” for supervisors to utilize following each reported injury;

  • Provide a better basis for insurer denials of injury;

  • Decrease attorney billable hours spent in discovery and far better prepare them for defending claims;

  • Enhance avoidance of expensive workers’ compensation litigation; and

  • Measure compliance and performance of attorneys and claims adjusters across all jurisdictions.