“ My passion has always been working with employers.  Employer Consult LLC was created to provide unbiased and candid input to employers, from a litigator of 30 years.  We create products of real value – platforms allowing employers to proactively pilot their workers’ compensation programs across all jurisdictions.  Win your battles, avoid your wars.
~ Jeffrey Carlson

For three decades our founder witnessed various degrees of employer participation in its workers’ compensation litigation.  When cases were investigated, and employers contacted, glaring systemic weaknesses were often unearthed.  A common anthem heard from employers was, “This workers’ compensation matter is hurting our bottom line and crushing our already-high experience modification rate.  Our adjusters and attorneys are handling the matter, so what more can we do?!”  Our answer at EC – a whole variety of things actually.

The creation of Employer Consult LLC arose from a desire to create a better performance model for employers large and small.  Our extensive industry experience educates and assists employers to create impactful programs to reduce workers’ compensation exposures, monitor vendor performance, create an employment culture of unity, and end the disconnect between employers and their team of adjusters and attorneys.