Fortify the moat around your castle

Our copyrighted products were developed by a prominent workers’ compensation defense attorney of 30 years, then refined during a 9-month engagement with a Fortune 500 company who now utilizes them in 11 States.

An anthem commonly heard from frustrated employers:

“Looking back, we should have denied that claim and handled it differently from the start.”

Good news – your solutions are available here and now.

Return on investment (ROI):  Purchasing Employer Consult products will pay for itself because it will resolve your workers’ compensation department “pain points” by achieving the following objectives:

  • Provide a better basis for denials of injury;
  • Enhance avoidance of expensive workers’ compensation litigation;
  • Upgrade the collection of actionable information at the time of reported injury;
  • Create an accident investigation report “road-map” for supervisors to utilize following each reported injury;
  • Alleviate employee concerns following an injury and automatically seeking the counsel of a plaintiff attorney;
  • Decrease attorney billable hours spent in discovery and far better prepare them for defending your claims; and
  • Establish expectations of your claims adjusters and legal defense representation, allowing you to then methodically measure performance and communicate results across all jurisdictions.  As Peter Drucker famously stated: “You cannot manage what you don’t measure.”

Value:  Employer Consult products are a one-time investment, are designed to be easily added to your current workers’ compensation process for many years of use, and are not State specific so they can be utilized nationwide.  You also own your data.  These products are not intended to be used as a substitute for any State-required forms.  

The time to implement change is now:

Don’t wait for disaster to strike before updating your program.  With Employer Consult products you will be prepared for whatever claims come your way.

The cost of one mistakenly accepted or poorly managed workers’ compensation claim will far surpass the cost of our full “Tier III” product platform, and will also result in an insurance premium increase for years to come.  Be proactive and buy our solutions now – see below.

Please watch our product video below to learn how easily this whole process comes together: